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For many people, Venice is the most enchanting city on Earth. Seeing it for the first time is a breath-taking experience. From a distance its palaces, houses and basilicas defy reality, appearing to float above the city’s natural lagoon. Like something from a fairy tale or fantasy, daily life is organised around the water: over 400 bridges span the canals, while many front doors open straight onto them.

Urbs' audio tours of Venice are the ultimate way to see the sights, including the many hidden gems dotted throughout the city. Whether you’re visiting for a day trip or longer, there’s no better way to take it all in than a self-guided walking tour of Venice.

The Urbs Way

Listen & discover

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Enjoy 4+ hours of audio content written by cultural experts
Explore 60+ fascinating cultural locations
Discover 80+ restaurants, cafes, bars and shops recommended by local writers

Plan your route

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Plan your perfect day with our unique route plotting function
You can also use one of our curated routes which can be amended according to interests, schedule and budget

Book tickets

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Find out which locations require tickets
Book attractions and activities in advance to avoid the queues


Viva Venice!

With its canal waterways, marbled buildings and exquisite architecture, Venice is an extraordinary city that comes to life in the summer months. Its beauty is something to behold in person - perhaps by gondola ride, or maybe on a walking tour.

With so much content and information available, simplify your trip with an audio tour of Venice. It’s the best way to get around and take in the sights as you go. No more having to Google your way around, or navigate an out-of-date map. Urbs it the modern way to access the city and make the most of your visit. Best of all, it’s easy to make your own travel guide with the accessible dashboard. All you need is a mobile, some headphones and a holiday to look forward to!

Venice uncovered

It’s one of the most famous waterside cities in Europe, so when in Venice, Italy there are a few places you need to check out. All of these places and regions (plus more) can be found on the Urbs app, which you can even access offline on your self-guided walking tour of Venice.

World-famous architecture

The most breathtaking architecture awaits you on an audio tour of Venice. Perhaps one of the most famous of these is St Mark’s Basilica, an ornate church right next to another hotspot, the Doge’s Palace. Located in the uber-famous St Mark Square, also known as Piazza San Marco, this is a wonderful place to amble about, with a heady mix of locals, tourists, students and visitors from all over the world.


As well as St Mark’s, there are many squares and piazzas to enjoy during your day out in Venice. Great as a spot for a time out, to sip a coffee and watch the world go by. Campo Santo Stefano and Campo Santa Maria Formosa are both picturesque places to add to your viewing list on your audio tour of Venice.


There are an astonishing 300 bridges in Venice, so don’t forget to pack your iPhone for all those photos you’ll be taking. In the heart of the city you’ll find the Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto) - this is one of the most famous and oldest to explore. Take a moment to capture the iconic red and white masts as gondolas glide below.

Another must-visit for culture lovers is the Bridge of Sighs - distinguished by its white limestone material. Rumour has it that couples that kiss going under the bridge will enjoy everlasting love! If that sounds up your street, add it to your audio tour of Venice!

By Water

With 188 islands making up Venice it’s easy to see why boat is the best way of getting around the canals, many of which can be found in St Mark’s Square. The Grand Canal is the most famous to tour, its spellbinding views make it a popular way to travel. Dare to get off the beaten track and there’s so much to marvel at outside the heart of the city. One of these is the quaint island of Torcello. It’s one of the best kept secrets to enjoy during your audio tour of Venice, with plenty to see and sample – including great local seafood.

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Explore Venice by App

Aside from being your very own pocket tour guide, Urbs has a host of benefits that have helped travellers from all around the world. You won’t want to leave home without it – here’s why:

Navigate the city

Why take the same old tourist route, when you can make your own self-guided walking tour of Venice? Using the Urbs app, you can build your dream trip, from the hundreds of events, attractions and places available. Alternatively, you can tap in to pre-selected walking tours to get the best out of your trip.

Get your tickets

Great news if you’re planning to visit the many attractions within the city. Urbs allows you to book tickets in just a click. It’s the perfect way to keep all your bookings in one easy to find place.

Handpicked by experts

We’ve teamed up with local experts based in Italy, to bring you the very best of Venice. It’s the perfect way to visit the city and soak up all the sights, from the most popular, through to hidden gems that only the locals (and now you) know!

Plenty of choice

Did you know that there’s over 130 different places on our app, which you can add to your audio tour of Venice? Mix and match your itinerary, so you can make the most of your time during your route.

Download the app

Planning a trip to Venice? Then don’t miss the chance to access the city in this audio feast, now available to download on Android and iOS devices.

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Once you’re ready to put your audio tour together, download the App to your iOS or Android device, get some headphones and you’re all set. Ciao, as they say in Italy!

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