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Tourists flock to this city on the Seine in their droves seeking an elusive imagined Paris that lives in a set of images: carelessly flicked cigarettes; rock star philosophers debating; the smell of freshly baked baguettes wafting from the baskets of passing bicycles; beauty in all things – buildings, art, food, clothing, people and ideas.

Urbs' audio tours of Paris are the ultimate way to see the sights, including the many hidden gems dotted throughout the city. Whether you’re visiting for a day trip or longer, there’s no better way to take it all in than a self-guided walking tour of Paris.

The Urbs Way

Listen & discover

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Enjoy 4+ hours of audio content written by cultural experts
Explore 70+ fascinating cultural locations
Discover 130+ restaurants, cafes, bars and shops recommended by local writers

Plan your route

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Plan your perfect day with our unique route plotting function
You can also use one of our curated routes which can be amended according to interests, schedule and budget

Book tickets

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Find out which locations require tickets
Book attractions and activities in advance to avoid the queues


This is modern Paris

Romantic, breathtaking, chic and cultured – the city of Paris and its bright lights never fail to impress. It’s said that you have to visit Paris at least once in your lifetime - and with so much to experience, it’s easy to see why a visit to the French capital is not only rich in art history, but also a fun city to base yourself – alone, with a loved one, or even with a group of friends. Whether this is your first or seventh visit to the capital, you’ll want to have a plan in order to visit the best parts, to discover something new, and to have a memorable time, which is why self-guided walking tours of Paris are so popular. The Urbs app allows you to plan your own schedule and add all your favourite sights and attractions, with recommendations from those in the know. It’s a bit like a France travel podcast, travel guide book and modern travel hack rolled into one. So why not join us on a journey of discovery and history, and make new memories at the same time!

J’adore Paris

Ready to put your audio tour of Paris together? Here are some of the walks, attractions and neighbourhoods currently trending that you can find more about on the app. Why not add them to your list.

The Arts

Paris has a reputation for some of the best art and culture in the world. Here you can find the finest galleries and museums, including the Musee d’Orsay, the Musee National Picasso and the Centre Pompidou. However, the best place to start your audio tour of Paris is the Louvre Museum, home to some of the world’s most famous artworks, including the Mona Lisa. Better still, our audio tour answers all your pressing questions, saving you the hassle of having to Google afterwards. If you plan to visit several museums, a Paris Museum pass will serve you well.

Green space

There are so many beautiful parks and gardens within the square mile of the city, making the perfect backdrop for your audio tour of Paris. Jardin du Luxembourg is a popular spot with locals, with plenty of information and signage in the area. But perhaps, for the best view, get off the beaten track and head to Montmartre. Across the sweeping skyline, you can see why it’s the basis for many well-known French artworks.

Boutique shopping

As you immerse yourself in your self-guided walking tour of Paris, don’t forget to make time for shopping. There are so many neighbourhoods in Paris for fashion lovers, including the district of Le Marais, which more than lives up to its name as a shoppers’ haven. Head to either Rue des Francs-Bourgeois or Rue Vieille du Temple for luxury bijou shops in the heart of the city.

Iconic landmarks

If you visit just one place on your audio tour of Paris, make it the Eiffel Tower. Located in the Champs de Mars, this world-famous landmark is a prerequisite for your visit. During your walking tour, be sure to take lots of photos for your Instagram account.Some of the sights that also have to be visited include the epic Champs Elysées – a stunning piece of architecture within the city, and of course Notre Dame - which is still undergoing renovation.

Fun times

Finally, for your audio tour of Paris, head to the lively Latin Quarter for fun evening entertainment, popular with students. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to book tickets for the mesmerising Moulin Rouge – it’s all part of the mandatory French experience!

Café culture

Food and Paris go hand-in-hand. If you have a sweet tooth, one of the best places to order crepes and a coffee is Breizh Café – a real gem hidden away in the Marais district. That said, walk around any local square and you can find a market stall selling delicious local foods. The city, of course, has tons of restaurants, where you can sample five-star dining like no other. To really impress, head to Le Cinq at the Four Seasons.

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Access Paris by app

Before you take off on your French adventure, there’s something you need to do. Download the Urbs app to your iPhone or smartphone device – the only way to create your Paris audio tour. Here’s some of the benefits in doing so:

Bespoke travel plan

Why do the same tourist route as everyone else, when you can curate your very own audio tour of Paris? Or, if you’re looking for inspiration, choose from one of the many walking tours available.

Discover something new

Whether you’re looking for a hidden gem, or local tip, our self-guided tours can be mixed and matched from over 400 options, allowing you to discover Paris and places of interest.

Book tickets

To get about the city with ease and enjoy the many attractions, book ahead of time using the Urbs app – it’s a great help, especially for big groups.

Download the app

Planning a trip to Paris? Then don’t miss the chance to access the city in this audio feast, now available to download on Android and iOS devices.

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