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A Brief History of Parc de Joan Miró in Barcelona

What is Parc de Joan Miró?

Parc de Joan Miró is One of Barcelona’’s largest parks that’s named after the prominent 20th-century Barcelonan artist Joan Miró, and includes his colourful 22-metre-high sculpture ‘Dona i Ocell’.

Parc de Joan Miró History

This park, built on the site of the old municipal slaughterhouse, was formerly known as Parc de l'Escorxador (or ‘Slaughterhouse Park’). Nowadays it’s more commonly referred to as Parc de Joan Miró. It’s one of Barcelona’s largest open spaces and acts as the city’s green lung, providing an exceptional recreational area landscaped with Mediterranean trees and vegetation.

There are several notable buildings in the park, including a public library for children, also named after Miró. However, the most remarkable element is the 22-metre sculpture, Dona i Ocell or ‘Woman and Bird’, designed by Miró in 1982, a year before his death. The sculpture represents the connection between the earthly and the divine. Miró’s woman symbolises the earthly world, while his bird represents the connection between heaven and earth.

Joan Miro Park from above

The figure itself, typical of the artist, is decorated with colourful mosaic tiles that sparkle in the sunlight and are reflected in the green pond at the statue’s base, in an unparalleled play of light and colour. The sculpture is one of the many examples of Miró's unique creativity scattered around Barcelona. Within this park alone, there are another 30 smaller works by the artist.

To the northeast is an area thickly planted with palms, pines and Eucalyptus. This cool and shady oasis is very popular with the city’s older residents who like to meet here for a game of bowls or chess. The peace and serenity of Parc de Joan Miró offer visitors a welcome break from the city's hustle and bustle.

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