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A Brief History of Giardino Bardini in Florence

What is Giardino Bardini?

Giardino Bardini is four hectares of parkland wedged between the left bank of the Arno, the hills and the city’s medieval walls.

Giardino Bardini

Giardino Bardini History

Though the Giardino Bardini is accessible from the hills above the city, reached via a series of steep, curving roads called coste, the Arno-level gateway of Via dei Bardi, 1 is the best way to enter. You’ll almost immediately come upon a sumptuous Italian garden seen through the opulent Baroque stairway. Walk through the magical floral tunnel, decorated alternately with roses, hydrangeas and irises depending on the season, which will bring you to the first terrace and its spectacular view over the River Arno, Florence’s lifeblood.

Continue your stroll through the natural pathways until you reach the picture-perfect pergola, lined with wisteria at peak springtime. Easily one of the most beloved parts of the structure, locals flock here during early April, when it’s in full bloom (duly overtaking every Florence resident’s Instagram feed). Before continuing to explore, take the detour down at the end of the pergola to breathe in the aromas of some key flora of the Tuscan agricultural tradition.

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