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A Brief History of Zoo de Barcelona

What is Zoo de Barcelona?

Zoo de Barcelona, or Barcelona Zoo, is a 13-hectare zoo that houses more than 2,000 animals and features over 300 different species.

lion in barcelona zoo

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Zoo de Barcelona History

At the turn of the 20th century Barcelonan banker Lluís Martí-Codolar – who had got into some financial difficulty – sold his collection of 160 exotic animals to the city council.

Shortly afterwards, the city’s zoo was opened here in the newly renovated Parc de la Ciutadella. Since its founding, the zoo has grown to encompass a wide variety of animals, from lions and elephants to alligators and tortoises.

Snowflake the gorilla in barcelona zoo

In 1966, Barcelona Zoo received its most famous resident, a small albino gorilla from Equatorial Guinea. During his life, the gorilla, who was given the name Floquet de Neu (‘Snowflake’), became an internationally renowned symbol of Barcelona, even featuring on the front cover of National Geographic travel magazine.

Sadly, Floquet de Neu died in November 2003 from skin cancer and was succeeded by various non-albino descendants.


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