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'A tour guide you can carry around in your pocket'

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We're on a mission to enrich the way we experience cities

When exploring cities, there’s currently no middle ground between hiring a tour guide for the day and trawling through guidebooks and articles. We realised there was a noticeable lack of quality, relevant, and incisive information about a city’s most important points of interest.

That’s where Urbs comes in, an app with a curated library of audio descriptions, bespoke tour routes according to your preferences, and essential travel knowledge specific to your location. Our scripts have been crafted by cultural experts, and their stories narrated by professional voice-over artists. It makes for a seamless and immersive travelling experience like no other.

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Lighting up the world… in audio

It’s time to explore the world in a new way. Whether you’re hitting the buzzing streets of Berlin, basking in the sunshine of Barcelona, roaming around Rome, or frolicking in the countryside in England, you’ll want to explore and unearth the very best gems each city has to offer.

We get it. You want to drink where the locals drink, dine where the hipsters hang, visit talked about and newly discovered sights, and have fun in the best cities around the world. And Urbs is going to take you right there.

Our unique self-guided audio tours offer an immersive experience to make the most of your surroundings. Our carefully curated audio tour guide app is created by a pool of cultural experts dotted around the world, brought directly to your headphones.

So whether you’re looking for walking tours, boat tours, GPS guided tours or any other kind of guided tour, your journey starts here – with a self-guided tour.

The travel hack you need

We’re not a podcast, but you can listen to local stories performed by professionals. We’re not a traditional tour guide, but we offer self-guided audio tours. We’re not a city map, but we’ll get you from A to Z.

We’re not a guide book, but you can learn about a destination’s rich history. We’re not a travel operator, but you’ll never want to leave home without us.

Simply put, we’re the modern version of a travel guide, travel podcast, map and tour guide rolled into an audio tour guide app. Be gone with cumbersome city guides that take up space and stop you from seeing the sights. Take it all in, quite literally, with our GPS audio tours at the touch of a button. Simply download the Urbs app, pop on your headphones and you’re all set, from whatever European location you find yourself in.

What is a self-guided audio tour?

If you’ve ever listened to a podcast and thought it was intriguing, read a travel guide and found it rewarding, and experienced an audio tour and considered it enriching, you’ll love Urbs. Our leading audio tour guide app is the first of its kind to bring together all the best bits of travel resources in one place.

But it’s also travel with a difference. Because our city guides are ready to be compiled by you. Pick and choose from the interests, attractions and places to visit, and experience them at your own pace. No two guides are ever the same, because no two travellers are ever the same.

Stretching across the very best of Europe, there are eight destinations in our exclusive GPS guided tours collection.

These include: London, Athens, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Rome and Venice with more to come!

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Why listeners love us

It’s said that travel broadens the mind… but only if you visit the right places. That’s what makes Urbs special. Our app has been designed around the user experience, allowing you to uncover the very best of a city. Let’s take look at some of the most popular features:

Create your own narrative

What works for one traveller may not for another, which is why we invite users to customise their own GPS audio tour. The audio tour guide app allows individual users to build their own tour route to their personal preferences to discover at their own pace. Choose from attractions such as museums and public squares, to places of worship and cultural sights, or simply find a local bar, café or restaurant.

Discover new places

We’re here to enhance your trip and bring magic to travel. So, whether it’s your first of fifth time to a destination, we promise you’ll discover something new to experience in your chosen city. It’s true, we’re full of surprises and delights!

For Instagram selfies

If Instagram selfies in far-flung destinations is what you came for, we’ve got something for you. The self-guided tour app also includes a text-version handy city guide, which includes the best vantage points in the city for photos. From the regions to the cities, and the tumbling hills of Italy, to the architectural delights of Greece, we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. It’s the perfect way to experience travel, with access to valuable content.

Great for explorers

Our self-guided audio tours are perfect for unleashing your inner-wanderlust. Search from hundreds of nearby activities and sights in your chosen city. From private boat rides to guided walking tours, to trekking the highest mountain peaks. Whether you’re seeking out little-known wildlife parks or world-famous national parks, live your best life with a GPS triggered audio tour designed just for you.

It’s the future of travel

If you’re one of the many people concerned about their travel eco-footprint, take comfort knowing that our GPS audio tours help cut back on printed materials. Simply log on from any smart phone or device and let the app work its magic. It’s a sign of things to come.

Easy as A to Z

Whether you plan to travel by foot, or by car on a driving tour, the Urbs audio tour guide app is loaded with useful features helping you to get around easily and at your own pace. This app is packed with tons of useful information about your destination, including getting about with ease. Read up on local public transport, as well as getting to and from airports and say goodbye to asking strangers for directions.


It’s a bit like having Google in your pocket, our GPS guided tours are one of the most creative and inspiring ways to get under the skin of a city. Be it a city break, or longer holiday, there’s lots of fun ideas for making the most of your precious time abroad. Thousands of visitors are already benefitting from Urbs – why not join the long list of travellers that love our audio tour guide app.

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